Supplier Quality Management Platform

based on inforum software

Quick and smooth information exchange internally as well as with customers and suppliers along the entire product realization chain is a competitive advantage that MAGNA STEYR could put into practice thanks to the implementation of a "Quality Platform."
(Source: MAGNA STEYR website - Quality management)

Quality Platform (QPF)

The Quality Platform is a web based communications platform that allows management of the entire product realization chain following the newest scientific knowledge according to the "Planning-Controlling-Assuring-Improving" management approach by Danzer.
(W. Danzer: Knowledge-oriented Quality Management, dissertation, TU Graz, 2006)

The Quality Platform was developed by JAWA in close cooperation with MAGNA STEYR departments and IT.

System benefits: 

  • Paperless communication along the supply chain
  • Real-time information at any given point
  • Full visibility of project status including sub-suppliers
  • Stronger focus on critical aspects of product life cycle
  • Identification of root cause in the whole supply chain
  • Improved reaction times though system support
  • Improved yield due to parts safely within specification
  • Improved image and trustworthiness at the customers, which reduces the cost for bureaucratic reporting and assures future business

  • Web portal including news, downloads, registration, etc.
  • APQP & Checklists Monitoring and steering of project and product milestones
  • Tasks Open issue list (OIL) including meeting minutes
  • Complaints Handling of non-conformances with suppliers and logistic service providers with automatic interface to the ERP system
  • Issues / 8D Problem solving by using 8D report
  • PPAP Production part approval process with automatic interface to the ERP system
  • PPT Packaging planning tool and central packaging database
  • Control of incoming goods inspection of incoming supplies via specific checklists
  • Certificate Management Supplier self-administration of certificates
  • Audit Planning, preparation and execution of internal/external audits and self-assessments
  • Performance Rating Supplier performance rating with automatic interface to the ERP system
  • Linux Red Hat
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Oracle
  • inforum (portal software developed by JAWA)

Download: Project description