15 years QDB

31 March 2016: The Quality Database is since 2001 online!

The first meetings to the project "web solution for quality management" of Steyr Powertrain AG & Co KG were in the year 2000.
Searched the one hand to a release of old applications (7-Step, complaint handling), on the other hand, the need for a centralized web-enabled solution was added.
Also should be in this web platform more functions such as APQP checklists, audit management are integrated up to the supplier evaluation.
It was launched by the structured problem solving to the 7-step method and the processing of customer and supplier complaints - the QDB went online in March 2001 for the first time.
In subsequent years, further additional modules were added successively. Thus the acquisition of proposals for improvement and further processing takes place within the framework of idea management (i-max) held in QDB.
Meanwhile, use about 30 Magna Powertrain plants in Europe, Asia and North America the QDB.
The QDB developed by JAWA with inforum as basic software.