Content Management

inforum:CMS (Content Management System)

JAWA framework as basic software

inforum:CMS is a modern content management system that can do exactly what companies need - no more and no less!

The difference to many other systems is inforum:CMS the simple and intuitive operation - all controls for editorial editing are on one page. The page structure can be set up quickly and changed if necessary by means of drag & drop.
The integrated editor offers the common formatting similar to the well-known word processing programs. Even complex content can be presented professionally. Knowledge of HTML or web programming is not required.
Through the use of inforum:CMS the creation of a website or an intranet with up-to-date content is made much easier and also the effort for the maintenance is low.



Features of inforum:CMS are:

  • Page structure with drag & drop
  • File management (documents, pictures, videos)
  • Pages with WYSIWYG editor and validation
  • News with WYSIWYG editor and validation
  • Slide shows on pages and in news
  • Integration of charts
  • Likes to pages and news
  • Comments on pages and news
  • Subscribe to news
  • Full-text search of all contents
  • Authorization groups for authors

Of course, the presentation of the page and the styles are adapted to the corporate design. We deliver the finished system and support your IT during the installation, so that the use is immediately possible after a brief briefing by the authors.
inforum:CMS is easy to use, state-of-the-art and expandable - a solid basis for the valuable information in your company!


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