Surgery statistics OCTOPUS

The surgery statistics system receives the raw data for statistical evaluations from the hospital information system (openMedocs).

Various statistics and representations are created from the time stamps (pre-setting, anesthesia start, cut, seam, etc.) for the individual surgical cases as well as the respective OR occupancy plan with the defined normal operating hours.

The most important evaluations are:

  • Surgery statistics with the number of operations per operating room, subject and month including calculation of the average incision / suture duration per operation
  • Detail statistics time stamps with a detailed evaluation of the individual cases with the time stamps and the calculated key figures
  • Utilization with a graphical representation of the single cases and calculation of the utilization of the operating room per day and over the entire time interval considered

For the efficient publication of the generated evaluations, an surgery statistics platform was developed as a web solution. This is based on the JAWA inforum software and has been adapted to the specific requirements. 


  • Overview of key figures for the selected operating room (Tacho display)
  • Key figure progression to the selected operating room (line diagram)
  • Performance statistics for the selected operating room
  • Detailed statistics of surgical time stamps for the selected operating room
  • Utilization detail for the selected operating room
  • Clinic-specific access permissions


  • Stmk. Krankenanstaltenges.m.b.H. LKH – Univ.-Klinikum Graz
    Bereich Servicemanagement - Abt. Service-Level-Management und Betriebsorganisation

Download: Project description (DE)