Vaccination management

The Vaccination management system (IVSweb) is ideally suited for use in immunization clinics and tropical and travel medicine practices.

The web software can be used in single or multiple vaccination centers to manage patients and their vaccinations.

The e-vaccination record is automatically retrieved from the patient's file, and the recorded vaccinations are immediately transferred to the e-vaccination record.

The establishment of vaccination plans e.g. prior to stays abroad facilitates the comprehensibility of planned vaccinations and examinations. The integrated vaccination reminder function enables patients to be alerted in good time to vaccinations to be carried out.

Even examinations, findings and interpretations can be managed clearly in the system. The services provided are transferred to the convenient billing process at the touch of a button, where individual or collective invoices can be printed. Evaluations and statistics complete the range of functions.

JAWA Vaccination management (IVSweb)


  • Management of patient master data
  • Recording the history "File" with vaccinations, services, vaccination plans and examinations with findings
  • Individual vaccination plans with overview of planned vaccinations and examinations
  • Investigations with findings, interpretations and findings
  • Convenient billing and administration
  • collective invoices
  • individually settable invoice items, outstanding balances, various payment methods, proof of planned vaccinations and examinations
  • Cash management with actual current cash flow, cash balance
  • Connection cash register possible
  • Creation of prescriptions and medical reports
  • Reminders with individual texts, also via e-mail
  • Inventory management of stored vaccines
  • Reports e.g. Vaccination statistics, incoming payments, daily journal, etc.
  • Calendar for scheduling
  • Connection to e-vaccination record (ELGA)


Download: JAWA-Impfverwaltungssystem IVSweb